San Pedro Apóstol Ikastetxea


International Fair

Yesterday March 16th we celebrated  the  2nd  San Pedro Apóstol International Fair. There were 31  different countries from all around the world. In most of the countries English is spoken, and others didn’t know about English at all. There were lots of nice and yummy food and very good dances too. All the students were there and some of the parents or family members too.

The food had to be from their own countries, and each group had to represent a traditional dance and a song from that country, with the song they had to create their own dance. In most of the countries some of the food was fruit. Some countries we didn’t know at all for example: Palau, Latvia, Ghana, Tonga, Barbados…

They gave all of the countries a card that said: Best stall, best food, best traditional dance and best song. Most of the people thought that USA was the best song.  We think that Ukraine had the best food because they had lots of varied types of food, they were all delicious and Scottish food was delicious too.  Quite a lot of the people thought that the most decorated and best stall was Hawaii, because the poster was awesome, the letters were incredible and the table perfectly decorated. Malta did a great job with their traditional dance and Wales too.

All the people had a lot of fun because they danced, they sang andmost of the girls had put makeup on. Many boys just stayed as usual.

Thanks for reading.

Done by:    Ane Maeso Casanueva from 5th grade and Oihane Txelo Ortiz MacDonald from 6th grade.