San Pedro Apóstol Ikastetxea


English week

One more year San Pedro Apostol School has celebrated its popular English week from May 11th until May 15th. These five days have been full of different kind of activities for the students to enjoy.

We have been delighted by our students’ performances in many different plays; “Cinderella”, “Christmas Carol”, “The crazy story”, “The beautiful women’s club”, “The monster of San Pedro Apostol school” and many sketches.

The schoolchildren enjoyed a sportive day playing the traditional American sport of Lacrosse with the help of Barbara Wye and her teammates, recently crowned Spanish champions.

Ours pupils’ minds were challenged on a full day Scavenger hunt with Caroline Rouine’s priceless collaboration.

And already in its third edition, the first rounds of our “Third Speaking Bee” contest.