San Pedro Apóstol Ikastetxea


International Fair

On March 15th, we celebrated the 3rd international fair in San Pedro Apostol. But this year there was a little change, instead of doing countries we did cities. There were 28 cities in total.

These are some of the best performance examples; Boca Raton, New York and Las Vegas.

During the first hour every city decorated their stall and put the food out. Then, around 10 o’clock started to perform their dances. They gave all the cities a small card to fill in which said: Best Performance, Best Stall, Best Food and Best costumes. For us the best performances were Essex and Tokyo, the best stall was New York, the best food was from Tokyo and the best costume was from Cape town.

In the afternoon the 8 best performers danced again, which were: Boca Raton, Tokyo, Essex, Cali (colombia), Cape town, New York, Las Vegas and Seoul. But all of them danced very well. We will need to wait and see who is the final winner.

All of us had a lot of fun because we danced, we ate and we watched other groups perform.

Thanks for reading

Done by : Melissa Siles from 6th grade and Oihane Ortiz from 1st Secondary.