San Pedro Apóstol Ikastetxea


The red House estate

On monday we went to San Martín de Unx (Navarra) by bus. We arrived at 12 o’clock, it was a long trip in the bus. And was a little bit boring.

When all the suitcases were in their places, we sat on the terrazze, and Andy showed us the rules of the house. Then, we went to our rooms to choose a bed. The monitors did 3 groups.

In the morning we played some games. At half past one, we had the lunch and the group one (The Cheeky Monkeys) set the table, we ate: macaroni, chicken with chips and for dessert we had ice-cream. After lunch, we had 1 hour of free time. Then, we gathered in the terrazze to get ready for an excursion to the mountain. We went for the hike with a checklist and we came back to play the game of “mountain”. We went to do the Diary. Then when was dinner time group one set the table and we had the dinner. Before going to sleep, we played a game with the torches.

The second day we woke up at 7 o’clock. And swishten (the group 2) went to set the table for breakfast.

We had one hour free time and later we played games in groups. At 10 o’clock we went to San Martín de Unx (town). There we saw a church and the cript from the church , before entering, we played the game “Tikitaku”, and one man told as the history about the church and the crypt.When the man told us all the history, we went to a fronton to play some games. We came back to have lunch. Then we played a little bit in the free time.We played a game collecting almonds and the group 1 won.

We the sun was going down, we had dinner. Later we had discotheque with music...And the monitors said: “You have to sleep”...but we didn’t sleep...we had party. We slept at 3 or 4 a.m.

The third day and the last one, we woke up at 8 o’clock, and the restaurant group (the group 3) set the table to have breakfast. We had one hour free time, after we played a “gymkhana” (In this game you must find clues). But before the “gymkhana” we took our suitcases. After lunch (rice with tomato, meat and drops corn), we had to go, that was so sad...And we took our suitcases and we put them in the bus, and we came back. And when we arrive we saw our family, mom, dad….

It has been an experience that we would repeat! We have enjoyed it a lot!

By María and Zewei